This totally bespoke wedding photography service is specifically tailored to meet each couple’s preferences and individual needs. Rather than standard packages, there is a range of customisable services to choose from to build a solution that matches your plans and wishes perfectly. Designed to be simple and flexible, the adjustable structure fits ideally to any size and type of event, whether big or small.


Structured differently from the average wedding photography packages, this personalised approach is easily adaptable and offers some unique benefits too. You will have the opportunity to choose the images yourselves, ensuring that you will get exactly the set of images that you like most. What is more, there is an exceptional satisfaction guarantee in the way the whole service and the pricing are structured.





With this service, there is no charge for the photographer to attend your event for as long as you would like. It would, after all, be a shame to miss the great fun on the dance floor towards the end of the evening or those emotional moments when waving goodbye just because your photographer was on a fixed time frame!


Once you have seen the resulting images afterwards, you can choose to purchase as many, or as few, of them as you would like. The images you choose are the only thing you will need pay for.


All the purchased images will be digitally processed to ensure optimal, correctly coloured, sharp, and bright high-quality end results. It is further possible to add different style options and filters such as black and white or a colour tint, or a selective combination of these. More specialised, full professional retouching services are also available to create special visual effects or alter the images.


The price of the images varies slightly depending on how much digital processing will be involved to achieve your desired end results, and will be agreed upon when choosing the final look and style you hope to gain at the same time when choosing the images. As a basic guideline, the price varies between £3 to £6 per purchased image. If you want the images to look faithful to reality, with normal colours and lighting, they will require mainly basic processing, and thus cost basic price too. Any additional special effects, styles, and modifications are a bit more work, and thus bring the image price up a little bit.


Hence, the price depends entirely on how many images you end up choosing and if you would like some special visual effects on them. Equally, you will only have to pay for images you want to have. When choosing the images you will know exactly what you will be paying for, and obviously can choose a number of pictures matching the price you are happy to pay.


pick n mix





You can choose from a range of customisable services to build a solution that fits perfectly with your plans and wishes. This adjustable structure fits ideally to any size and type of event, whether big or small.



The service typically consists of:


  • Consultation beforehand to discuss the type and style of photography best suited for your preferences and individual needs and agreeing upon the relevant details. We can meet over a cup of coffee if this is practical, or do it all over the phone or email if you prefer.


  • Coverage of as much of the day as you wish, from preparation to after-party, including of course also the official wedding photographs and any amount of group photographs scheduled into the course of the day.


  • Meeting afterwards at your convenience to look at the resulting images and select the ones you wish to purchase. This ensures you will receive a collection of your favourite images that preserve those moments and memories from the wedding precious to you.


  • The amount of digital image processing required to achieve the look and style you prefer. Every one of the final images will be individually and carefully processed to make each one of them perfect when it comes to technical aspects such as light, colours, contrast, and sharpness. Together they will create a consistent, beautiful set that reflects the atmosphere and feeling of your wedding day.


  • More specialised, full professional retouching services are also available in case you have your heart set on some rare special visual effect or there is a need to fix an unfortunate detail, such as a stain on a dress.


  • Once we have selected the images they will be delivered as ready, processed high-quality digital files on a disk in a couple of weeks at the latest. A set of copies optimised for viewing on a computer, sharing online, and uploading to social media sites will also be included.


  • The purchased images will be yours to use, print, and distribute entirely freely, and I am happy to advise on and assist with prints, albums, and online galleries, should you like.





An optional album design service is also available upon additional request. The bespoke album designs are custom built to showcase your favourite images in a unique and elegant way. It is also possible to include any additional touches such as quotes or snippets of text that are important for you.


The albums are produced using the latest print technology to ensure durable end results showcasing your photographs beautifully. There is a range of options to choose from with a variety of different finishes, styles, and prices based on your preferences. The cost of the album depends on the number of pages and the printer you choose, some are quite exquisite and also pricey, while some printers produce very good quality at a more economical price.


Once the initial layout is ready you will have the opportunity to view the design and make any adjustments and changes before printing. You can then order as many copies of the album as you would like, whenever you would like as it will be uploaded to and stored at the printers’ secure server. Should anything ever happen to your cherished album, you can always get a new copy just for the cost of printing.


Please get in touch for further details about the options.





This wedding photography service focuses on providing outstanding photography with an exceptionally customer-oriented structure. Rather than being swamped with overwhelming masses of images or having the choice made for you, you will have the opportunity, assistance, and advice to choose the perfect set of your favourite images to keep. Such a well-edited selection reflecting your personal preferences and memories condenses the feeling and essence of your special day and makes these photographs enjoyable to look at and even more precious and cherished.


Similarly, you will be able to choose yourselves exactly how, where and when you look, showcase and share your wedding photographs as some of the common features of many standard wedding photography packages are not automatically included in this service. Such standard package solutions – sizes of prints, amounts and styles of thank you cards, design and content of online galleries – do not necessarily provide the best value for your money nor the solution best suited for your individual needs or preferences.


As you will get your chosen images as high-quality digital files, you can choose yourselves if, how, where and when you would like to have prints, thank you cards, or any other products made. This way you get to choose the amount, type, quality, and sizes to fit your albums, frames, and budget. Should you need more prints for instance for friends or relatives, it couldn’t be easier to order more.


Your photographs will further remain that extra bit special as they will not be displayed as a gallery on a wedding photographer’s website with lots of collections of other people’s wedding photographs to compare with. There are, however, several great, free, and easy-to-use online photo sharing and gallery websites that allow you to control exactly how you create and design your online gallery and share your images.


I am always happy to introduce and explain different options you may choose from, advise and assist you with printing and sharing the images and creating galleries, or even arrange the printing for you should you like.


What is more, as there are no random add-ons embedded in the structure, there are also no additional charges or hidden costs in the price either.







Photography is a magical tool that can capture and preserve the smallest details and fleeting moments to create a lasting record of the experiences and the atmosphere of your special day. The photographs will tell small stories and record authentic moments capturing those fleeting glimpses to help preserve the precious memories to cherish and share with other people.


Together we will figure out the best way to realise your ideas and wishes and to record all those small details that are precious to you to produce a set of images that is true to your expectations and reflective of your memories of the day. Some couples prefer to have slightly more formal and traditional images, others like their photographs a bit more quirky and funny, some like a mixture of different styles. It is, for instance, possible to focus on details, include lots of group photographs, capture very natural, candid images or make them a bit more posed.


In general, I have quite a light touch on reality, and my photographs focus on capturing and preserving the atmosphere and the genuine little moments of your special day as they happen, rather than artificially constructing elaborate posed scenes for the camera. Documenting the magic moments in reality unobtrusively with minimal distraction and intervention makes the photography a relaxed, natural, and fun part of the wedding day allowing you and your guests to have a more genuine experience and focus on enjoying your celebrations.


We will plan a way to slot the formal photographs and group shots into the course of the day in a pleasant way, making it a relaxed, fun part of the celebrations for the couple and the guests rather than rushing through a rigorous sequence of group combinations. It is after all supposed to be an enjoyable experience for everyone! I will help and guide you through the more formal shots exactly in the style you are hoping for and that suits you. These can be quite formal and traditional, or more relaxed, funny, goofy, spontaneous, candid. We can even sneak in a little extra magic here and there! We will figure out the perfect solution for you in advance to create the kind of pictures you will love to look on your mantelpiece for years to come while making the shoot an enjoyable, natural, and relaxed experience.


Seeing the range of resulting images afterwards is a lovely experience, as you get to relive the day through watching it unfold. Couples often note that there are lots of moments and little details they had missed during the hustle and bustle of the day. Offering a mixture of different types of images ensures that you get the best of everything and can select the ones that feel most like you. There will be both close-ups of details and images showing the venue and the bigger picture in varying distances and compositions. There will be more posed and official images in your preferred style and lots of natural, candid photographs of people in various combinations in a range of situations to choose from.


There will be even further choices once we have chosen your favourite images. It is possible to make them, for instance, bright or a bit faded, black and white or perhaps tinted to look old. Maybe you would like to emphasise certain aspects like your theme colour, or fade others. We can take a look at different options when we are choosing the images and you can select your favourite combination of images and styles.







Every single wedding is always unique, and that will also be reflected in the photographs. Some plans are, however, more unconventional than others.


I’ve covered all sorts of things from planned surprise proposals to secret weddings to ‘trash the dress’ photo shoots. We have celebrated at some spectacular and unusual venues and shared some amazing experiences. Whatever it is that you have in mind, I am always game to come along and help you preserve those unique moments.


If you’re hoping to capture something quite unusual, please get in touch so that we can figure out the best way to turn your experience into vivid, lasting memories.







I am a professional photographer with multiple professional qualifications and years of experience photographing weddings and running a freelance photography business.


For me, wedding photography is an exquisite customer service vocation. It is crucially important that each couple receives the very service and experience best suited for their expectations and desires. It is your special day after all, and therefore everything should be just perfect!


I will be with you throughout the journey helping wherever and however I can to contribute to an enjoyable, smoothly running experience, in addition to, of course, capturing the day. I am happy to assist with and advise on practical details already when planning the day and ask the right questions to make sure everything is thought of and planned for in advance, sharing useful experiences and tips and making suggestions for options to consider. During the day I will help keep track of time, schedule, and any details that might otherwise slip your attention in the whirlwind, together with lending a hand with small things here and there and making sure you look picture-perfect throughout the day.


Years of experience from a great variety of different types of weddings and ceremonies gives the advantage of being able to foresee the proceedings to be at the right spot in advance, ready to capture the action and the fleeting glimpses unobtrusively. Coupled with the professional technical knowledge to create technically outstanding, interestingly and descriptively composed images that are pleasant to look at and convey narrative and atmosphere, this will guarantee a selection of images that will preserve the day beautifully and descriptively. Always operating quietly and discretely when essential, like during the ceremony and speeches, I will blend in and move around most of the time capturing glimpses of little details, gestures, and different groups of people in order to include varying viewpoints and cover different aspects. But I will also step in when needed to get things organised smoothly and efficiently for instance for group shots and keep track of the list of things you may have specifically requested to be covered.


I am truly in love the magic of photography and that shows not only in my photographs but also in the way that I work. Although work would not necessarily be the word that I would choose to describe what I am lucky to get to do! This is not just another job for me but a truly magical way to preserve reality in small miraculous slices. Therefore I am also more than happy to be around from the bridal prep until the last dance, as this way I can provide you with a better, more comprehensive selection of images covering several aspects of your special day. It is, after all, a great honour to have the privileged to be a part of your special day and to be able to provide you with a set of images that you will be looking back for years to come.


I also have a separate life as a practising artist with work both published and exhibited internationally. Separating these two practices is a huge benefit as they feed into each other in a productive way. The wedding photographs are all about your wishes and hopes and about capturing the true atmosphere of your special day. My personal artistic ambitions and experiments find another outlet in my art projects. At the same time, I have a range of well tested and perfected creative solutions to add a little flavour to a couple of your images too! You can find out more about my art practice on my main website


I am based in London and Wolverhampton, but I am happy to travel far and wide, covering most of UK and even weddings abroad. Although I will not request a deposit for the booking as such, for longer distance travel I would need to ask for the travel expenses to be covered in advance.


As a professional photographer, I hold all necessary legal covers, including a public liability insurance.



We love the photos and so does everyone we have showed them to. We just wanted to say thank you for all your help - you've been fantastic and lots of people commented on how lovely you were on the day. We really appreciate it.
- Olivia & Jason